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5 Strategies for Responding to Negative Behavior

5 Strategies for Responding

As you may have read in my previous blog posts, the A.B.C.’s of Behavior and the Function of Behavior , all behavior comes from somewhere.  There is an antecedent (the influencer), the behavior (the observable action), and a consequence (whatever occurs after the behavior). There are also three functions of behavior that explain why a behavior is happening over and over again: to get, to meet a need, or to avoid.  However, it is not simply enough to understand the what and why of a behavior.  We need to know what to do next.  We need strategies to replace negative behaviors with positive ones.

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  • The Function of Behavior

    Understanding the Function of Behavior

    Behavior is communication. No matter your age, race or abilities, all behavior is communication. It’s hard to remember this when your 1 year old is biting your arm, or your 3 year old is screaming in the grocery store, but it’s true! All behavior is communication. As…

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  • The A.B.C.’s of Behavior

    Behavior is communication When children use negative behavior, adults are often overcome with some level of frustration.  We don’t know how to react or understand where the behavior is coming from. However, understanding behavior is the key to having a positive relationship with children.  All…

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  • How to Support Your Toddler’s Behavior

    Toddler Behavior:  When I started working with young children, the only thing that scared me more than cleaning dirty noses…..toddlers! These little guys are so full of mystery.  They crave independence, but don’t have the words or mobility yet.  However, as I worked with pretoddlers…

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  • What is my Child’s Temperament?

    Temperament Temperament is the way that a child approaches and reacts to the world.  A child’s temperament begins at the day of birth and carries us through the rest of our lives.  Researchers categorize temperaments into three different categories: easy or flexible, active or feisty,…

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