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About Me

 hey y’all! thank you for visiting coffee and hairspray! my name is rachel. i am a southern housewife livin’ on big dreams and copious amounts of coffee and hairspray. it’s basically what holds me together.

i am also being held together by my beautiful husband named kingsley, and two dogs, belle and gunner.

originally from greeneville, tennessee, i graduated with a bachelors in psychology from welch college, and a masters in human services counseling from liberty university.

kingsley and i began our journey in nashville, tennessee.  he was a young army officer, straight out of ranger school, and i was an even younger graduate student.  the night we met, he got my attention by following me around the streets of nashville, and i have been following him around ever since.

while stationed at an army base, i pursed a career working in child care for army families. i started as a preschool teacher, and worked my way into training teachers.  i focused on early childhood development and behavior modification.

now, we are currently living in sunny charleston, south carolina where kingsley is a district manager for aldi. when we moved to charleston, i didn’t quite know what i was going to do. continue working with children? focus on educating parents? work at the kate spade store???

well…as life goes, even though i had grandiose dreams of going back to work, God had different plans. 3 weeks after we moved to charleston, we found out we were pregnant! now the question wasn’t “where should i work?”.  it became “how can i be the best wife and mother i can be?”  by combining what i know of early childhood, and my love of cooking into one blog: coffee and hairspray!

here is my promise to you:

i will share my recipes and meal planning from aldi that will make your tummies and your wallet full.

and if you are a mother that would like to stay home with her children, but not lose the benefit of early childhood education, strap in.  have i got a blog for you.

 so grab a glass of wine, i’ll grab mine, and let’s get down to business.

to God be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.